After Effects

The Centrica Carnivale

The’Centrica Carnivale’ is a 3-part video series that takes a very detailed look at the production of a corporate awards opener – from pitch to delivery. It includes an overview of how to use After Effects to produce results that look like they were made in a 3D animation program:

The Centrica Carnivale – Part 1
The Centrica Carnivale – Part 2
The Centrica Carnivale – Part 3

This was the first time I attempted a video tutorial after a few years of submitting written articles to the Creative Cow, so I was especially flattered by the kind comments from Adobe’s Todd Kopriva:

“Your Centrica Carnival making-of videos are among the best I’ve seen. When I saw the Tiny Inventions making-of video (, it was your making-of videos that I was measuring it against. It came up roughly even.”

Considering the popularity of After Effects and the huge number of free tutorials that are out there, this is high praise – and it’s even nicer coming from an Adobe employee who works with the After Effects team. You can check out Todd’s blog here.