After Effects

After Effects Leftovers…

I’ve just finished a new series of video tutorials over at the ProVideo Coalition.  I called it “After Effects leftovers”, because it looks at features that have been in After Effects for a while but are often neglected.  I find it interesting how some features of After Effects are rapidly adopted and others aren’t.  In my experience parenting, for example, is something that seems to have been picked up pretty quickly and used by many people for all sorts of things… shape layers – not so popular.  I can also add that there’s no correlation between how many keyboard shortcuts someone knows- or how well they know After Effects in general – and the quality of their work.  You can memorise the manual but it won’t make you a great designer, but equally one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with had no idea that you could alt-drag to replace items in the timeline, something I do many times every day!

I tried to keep the videos short and snappy and so I won’t waste any more time typing about them now… check them out at the ProVideo Coalition!