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In 2006 I created the opening video for a Centrica conference that attracted a lot of attention, because it looked like it was made in a 3D animation package but it was actually done inside After Effects.

I’ve recently completed a 3-part video tutorial on how it was all done, and you can watch the series over at theĀ ProVideo Coalition. The tutorials aren’t intended to give a detailed explanation of every step, but rather to give a general insight into the various processes that were used- starting with the original client brief and ending with final delivery.

To celebrate the release of my first video tutorials for the ProVideo Coalition I’ve put together a small demonstration project that you can download here. For the best result you will need a copy of the Knoll Light Factory Spectacular plugin, but even if you don’t have a copy you will still be able to see how the scenes in the Centrica animation were put together, and you’ll be able to play around with the same files that I’ve used in the tutorials.

Demonstration of 3D in After Effects

Demonstration of 3D in After Effects

So watch the tutorials here and download the project here… enjoy!

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